Seattle Immersive Theatre

Seattle Immersive Theatre creates richly-detailed worlds and intimate, multi-sensory experiences for audiences to engage with and explore. Our unique events range from exclusive, one-night engagements all the way to full-scale theatrical productions staged in unconventional play spaces throughout Seattle.



Hidden away in the seedy back pocket of Seattle, there exists a clandestine establishment spoken of only in hushed tones and guarded whispers where guests commune and drink with the dead. Legend has it that this timeless institution can only be found by those who have received an invitation from its mysterious proprietor, an eccentric connoisseur of all things beautiful and macabre, known only to his staff and clientele as the Baron.

In May and June of 2016, Seattle Immersive Theatre presented The Place Between: an after-dark spectacular inspired by the fantastical Parisian cabarets of the 1890s and turn-of-the-century spiritualism. 


event and character design Julia Nardin and Jerome Virnich
scenic design Paul Thomas
costume design Amy Baldwin
musical direction Michael Owcharuk
choreography Rochelle Rapaszky

Katherine Jett, Carter Rodriquez, Colleen Carey-Artist, Devin Bannon, Renado Tozer, Amy Baldwin, Jerome Virnich, Julia Nardin, and Paul Thomas

Ivan Arteaga, Paris Hurley, Maria Scherer Wilson, Michael Catts, and Michael Owcharuk