Seattle Immersive Theatre

Seattle Immersive Theatre creates richly-detailed worlds and intimate, multi-sensory experiences for audiences to engage with and explore. Our unique events range from exclusive, one-night engagements all the way to full-scale theatrical productions staged in unconventional play spaces throughout Seattle.



In October of 2014, Seattle Immersive Theatre invited its audience to become students of Professors Marcus Cadman and Elizabeth Jensen: two local parapsychologists fixated with the history of the Georgetown Steam Plant and reports of paranormal activity tied to the property. Following a brief lecture at South Seattle College, the class was transported by bus to the location of the supposed hauntings and asked to actively participate in the investigation as part of the course.


Elissa Favero, Frances Hearn, Alexandra Maerdomo, Ian McIntire, Dan Niven and Micah Kolding

director Paul Thomas
assistant director Joshua Christensen
costume design Amy Baldwin
videography Jay Somsen
photography Fedora El Morro