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Seattle Immersive Theatre creates richly-detailed worlds and intimate, multi-sensory experiences for audiences to engage with and explore. Our unique events range from exclusive, one-night engagements all the way to full-scale theatrical productions staged in unconventional play spaces throughout Seattle.






Seattle Immersive Theatre teams up with System D Artists to present Storyville Rising, a fully-immersive theater/cabaret experience which recreates Storyville, the infamous “red-light” district in New Orleans, from 1897-1917. Storyville Rising is an exploration of sex, race, power and privilege in Reconstruction-era America, told through theater, historical narrative, live music, transgressive burlesque and cabaret. Original text, as well as transcripts and interviews, tell the story of the habitués of Storyville and the forces of “polite society” that sought to shut it down.

In 1897, the New Orleans City Council established "The District” by municipal ordinance to regulate prostitution and drugs. Sidney Story, a city Alderman who wrote guidelines and legislation to control prostitution within New Orleans, designated a sixteen block area as the part of the city in which prostitution, although still illegal and completely frowned upon by society in general, was tolerated or regulated. The area became nicknamed “Storyville”, much to the chagrin of Alderman Story, and the rest is a bit of indulgent, carnal history.

Special seating packages include champagne and a selection of desserts shipped directly from Joe Gambino's world famous New Orleans bakery.


cast: Tom Wiseley as Tom Anderson/Reverend Collins, Colleen Carey as Madame J./Kate Gordon, Tom Stewart as René/James C. Row, Corey Spruill as Robert Charles/Lew, Elena Flory-Barnes as Violet/Carrie Amperdue, Linnea Ingalls as Daphne/Trick Baby, Beau M. K. Prichard as Mr. Picayune

piano Michael Owcharuk/Darrius Willrich

vocals Amber Wolfe “Mamie Lavona”

burlesque performers: Gin Atomic, Persephone Ilyri, Luminous Pariah, Boom Boom L'Roux, Kali Von Wunderkammer, Namii, Cherry Manhattan, Briq House, Vixen Valentine, Lilith Moon

arial performer: Jenny Penny


written and directed by David Crellin

“Robert Charles” monologue written by Daemond Arrindell

scenic designer Brian Pucheu

assistant scenic designer Christine Anderson

costume designer Amy Baldwin

assistant costume designer Helen Roundhill 

lighting design Kenrick Fischer

sound designer Nick Abercrombie

musical director Michael Owcharuk

initial concept by Judith Eichenbaum

dramaturgy by Michael M. Chemers, PhD