Seattle Immersive Theatre

Seattle Immersive Theatre creates richly-detailed worlds and intimate, multi-sensory experiences for audiences to engage with and explore. Our unique events range from exclusive, one-night engagements all the way to full-scale theatrical productions staged in unconventional play spaces throughout Seattle.



Strange snow falls on two young Vietnam veterans as they reunite for a fishing trip to make good on a long lost promise to an old friend. Megs shows up at his buddy David's house only to encounter David's shy, plain sister Martha. Megs's larger-than-life nature coaxes Martha out of her shell and into his heart. His mere presence, however, brings up painful memories of Vietnam for David, whose method of coping so far has been to drink too much and talk as little as possible. 

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Supraliminal took audiences on an unnerving paranormal investigation, which ranged from the cozy confines of a college classroom to the industrial depths of the Georgetown Steamplant. The first site-specific production to utilize the historical facility. Supraliminal blurred the lines between indigenous myths, bold new fiction, and Seattle history. 

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DUMP SITE (2015)

Dump Site pulled audiences into the intimate journey of two siblings who come to suspect that their recently-deceased father may have been a serial murderer. The heart-wrenching production was filled with interactive set pieces and props, which heightened the audiences’ connection to the work. Artistic director Paul Thomas won a Gypsy Rose Lee Award and a 2015 Gregory Award Nomination for Outstanding Scenic Design for his work on the innovative and dauntingly detailed set.

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Listening Glass invited audiences into a fully-functioning homicide unit to witness the interrogation of a mentally ill veteran by a seasoned murder detective. Audiences watched the interview through two-way mirrors and listened through digital transponders, giving them a deeply private glimpse of the hallucinations that plagued the young schizophrenic.

2016 Gregory Award Nomination for Outstanding Scenic Design

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Seattle Immersive Theatre's Romeo & Juliet brought a fresh intimacy to Shakespeare’s timeless work. The transformation of a massive 15,000 ft2 warehouse into contemporary Verona allowed audiences to sip champagne at the Capulet residence, sit by Juliet’s bedside, and watch helplessly from the murk of the lover’s final crypt.

2016 Gregory Award Nomination for Outstanding Choreography


Seattle Immersive Theatre's first fully interactive production invited its audience to a Prohibition-Era speakeasy for the funeral of a bootlegging legend. Audience members interacted directly with gangs of brassy madams, icy hitmen, and opium-peddling prostitutes. At the end of the night, the audience voted on which gang should inherit the dead bootlegger’s fortune, making every performance one-of-a-kind.

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The Place Between lured audiences into an otherworldly realm between cabaret and theater, between interaction and observation, between waking and dreaming. Audience members each chose a Tarot card at the door, which was the basis for their interactions with live music, delicate aerial performances, embedded characters, and unsettling contemporary dance.

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Come join the Seattle chapter of The Moriarty Society where teams of misanthropists compete for rank, glory, and a tacky trophy. This outrageous reoccurring show pits Seattle’s best improv artists against one another to learn whose diabolical schemes will earn them the title of SUPERVILLAIN!



Join Seattle Immersive Theatre for an evening of Victorian parlor games and ghost stories with this take on the Gothic classic: TURN OF THE SCREW. You'll be transported back to 1890's England for and intimate Manor party where your hosts will reenact Henry James' haunting psychological thriller while you enjoy snifters of fine scotch or craft cocktails such as Earl Gray-infused gin martinis. 

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Krampus Christmas (2016)

Krampus Christmas unfolds as a kind of carnival ride through your Christmas nightmares. Krampus, Jolly Saint Nick's devilish counterpart, punishes the naughty while you explore a world where you can peek through the walls, make your way through the Christmas present maze, and explore the eerily beautiful snowy wonderland. Krampus Christmas invites you to a darkly funny immersive experience of holiday justice, plunging you into a multi-sensory spectacle- if you dare. With a terrifyingly jolly elf as your guide- you live the nightmare along with all of the other bad girls and boys. Ever wondered what happens if you’re on the naughty list? Get ready to find out.

2017 Gregory Award Nomination for Outstanding Scenic Design and Best New Play

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Seattle Immersive Theatre teams up with System D Artists to present Storyville Rising, a fully-immersive theater/cabaret experience which recreates Storyville, the infamous “red-light” district in New Orleans, from 1897-1917. Storyville Rising is an exploration of sex, race, power and privilege in Reconstruction-era America, told through theater, historical narrative, live music, transgressive burlesque and cabaret. Original text, as well as transcripts and interviews, tell the story of the habitués of Storyville and the forces of “polite society” that sought to shut it down.

In 1897, the New Orleans City Council established "The District” by municipal ordinance to regulate prostitution and drugs. Sidney Story, a city Alderman who wrote guidelines and legislation to control prostitution within New Orleans, designated a sixteen block area as the part of the city in which prostitution, although still illegal and completely frowned upon by society in general, was tolerated or regulated. The area became nicknamed “Storyville”, much to the chagrin of Alderman Story, and the rest is a bit of indulgent, carnal history.

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Join Don, Bobby, and Teach at Don’s 2nd Hand Shop as they orchestrate a robbery of a rare coin collection, including a potentially valuable Buffalo nickel. The heist begins to go awry when smooth-talking and experienced hustler Teach begins planting seeds of doubt in Don’s mind about his protégé, Bobby. Their bonds will be ruthlessly tested as the play explores the capitalistic American dream, the desperation of poverty, and white male fragility.

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