Seattle Immersive Theatre

Seattle Immersive Theatre creates richly-detailed worlds and intimate, multi-sensory experiences for audiences to engage with and explore. Our unique events range from exclusive, one-night engagements all the way to full-scale theatrical productions staged in unconventional play spaces throughout Seattle.

Seattle Immersive Theatre does more than just put on shows. We create events around our audience, plunging them into a visceral experience that cannot be replicated in a conventional theatre. Through the use of real-world locations and entirely original scripts, our audiences are transported to a tangible piece of fantasy within their own world where their imaginations can be stimulated and challenged like never before.

What is Immersive Theatre?

An immersive theatre experience is a play where an audience member can hang a hat on the fourth wall. You might be assuming the role of a student receiving a lecture on the paranormal, or a tourist being guided through a steam power plant. Throughout the course of a production, you might converse directly with cast members, handle props, or even have to wonder where the play ends and reality begins. There are no spotlights to tell you what you’re supposed to be looking at, no musical cues to tell you what to feel, and no dimming lights to tell you when the play has started; your individual experience will be a wholly unique thing.

In Seattle Immersive Theatre, we believe that the immersive play represents a solid future for the theatrical arts. It’s a step far outside of what is safe and conventional, and one that routinely leaves audiences with something that they cannot get from the many other theatres throughout the Seattle area. We hope that you will join us for our next production, so that you might discover the magic that a long list of sold-out audiences have already discovered.

New to immersive theatre?

If you've never been to one of our shows before, prepare yourself for something different.  This is not your grandparents' theatre. We know our Seattle audience expects something extraordinary on a night out. And we do everything we can to send you home with an experience to remember.  

Paul Thomas - Artistic Director
Amy Baldwin - Associate Artistic Director
Julia Nardin - Arts and Media Liason
Jerome Virnich - Captain
Gin Hammond - Collaborator